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Our firm delivers results and adds value to your company as your CLINICAL and EXECUTIVE search professionals. We are able to use our extensive experience, industry knowledge and resources to identify and qualify the right candidate for your unique situation. We utilize a proven four-step process that interacts with your staff and uncovers the traits and skill sets needed for the candidate to add value and succeed in your organization. Women's Nurse Recruiter offers four search options. This allows you to determine what is best for your organization.

Types Of Searches Preformed

Retained Search

Engaged Search

Contingency Search

Outsourced Search Team

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We focus solely in the Women's and Children's NICHEs. Therefore, we understand what it takes to work in that unit or perform and duties required of a position. Our recruiters spend years on building relationships with candidates to determine what their needs are from both a career path and personal perspective. Each conversation we have with candidates strengthens the knowledge of the position and the ever changing demands of the industry. Our mission is to connect the right candidate to the right opportunity. We like to see long term employment situations. However, just as the hospital needs sick people to treat, but wishes no illness on anyone, we understand there are times of change from both the employer and employee's perspective.

Passive Candidates

We focus mostly on Passive candidates that are not currently looking but would entertain the right fit if it comes across. Our cultivated relationships with candidates helps us understand what they are looking for in their next position. There are many factors to consider when matching up candidates to opportunities. Rest assured, we will not waste your time sending candidates that are not a match for you position or not truly interested.

Women's Nurse Recruiter

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Joint development of a detailed candidate qualifications profile or job order

Development of a position specific search and promote strategy

Execute the search using state of the art sourcing software, internal recruiters, partner firms and our own database

Qualify and present all candidates using the jointly created qualification criteria, our firm's healthcare experience, and the interview process

The Methodology

Component 1 of a successful search

Experienced Healthcare Recruiters

Component 2 of a successful search


Component 3 of a successful search

Do I Need Help On My Search?

What Should I Expect From My Recruiter?

We are not your average recruitment company. We focus specifically in the Women's and Children's nursing specialties. This allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of who's on the move. We develop relationships with leaders who are actively looking and ready for a new challenge, as well as passive talent that is only open to hearing about specific opportunities. Either way, we are able to deliver you with a candidate that will fit the culture and demand of your open position!

Only Prequalified and Screened Candidates

Education and Licensure Verified

Skillset and Metrics Identified

Candidate Interest Confirmed

Salary and Benefits Package Candidate Approved

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Once a candidate is identified, we use enhanced communication protocols to communicate with both the employers and candidates throughout the process. Further, we have an "open door" policy, as much as a virtual office can offer! Meaning, if you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out directly with either a call, text or email.

Our commitment to you is to guarantee that everyone we send to you, is qualified, pre-screened, and is interested in the opportunity.

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