I appreciate you taking the time to view Women's Nurse Recruiter’s website and I would like to extend to you a warm welcome. Whether you are looking for top talent, or to enhance your career through a new position, you have come to the right place.

Women's Nurse Recruiter was founded with the goal of bringing together healthcare organizations and qualified employees in order to create an optimal atmosphere for quality patient care.

During the next 10 years, the need for qualified healthcare talent will increase dramatically as the baby boomer generation retires. This exodus of leadership in the healthcare environment will create opportunities as positions become open and healthcare needs increase.

Women's Nurse Recruiter functions in a two-fold manner. First, we operate as a search firm by working with employers to qualify and deliver top talent for their open positions. Our model is a partnership with shared information and open communication with the hiring managers, which allows us to deliver the exact match. Secondly, we act as a delegate for healthcare employees looking for new opportunities, discovering positions that meet the designated parameters of our candidates. Similar to a talent agent, we meet with the employee and find out what is important to them (location, wages, advancement opportunities, benefits, etc.) and market them to prospective employers.

Again, I appreciate you taking the time to view our website and I welcome any feedback or questions you may have about the process. I also invite you to take a look at our media resources that contain our LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and to check out our social network: The Clinical Community. Working together, we can provide a place for employers and healthcare employees to come together to facilitate an atmosphere for great patient care.


Christine Eubank

VP of Recruitment - Women's/Children's/NICU/Pediatrics Leaders

Women's & Children's Nurse Recruiter Division

A Division of The Clinical Recruiter

About Me

My name is Christine Eubank. I started my career in recruitment at the age of 23, after attending college. I have worked several positions within my company, finally landing as the VP of Recruitment for the Women's and Children's Nursing Division. Wearing several hats within this company has provided me with a wealth of knowledge from both the business development and recruitment side of the industry. I feel this allows me to streamline my recruitment process without anyone falling through the cracks.

Being employed by a former healthcare worker of 23 years, has allowed me to have intimate knowledge of how a hospital works.

For approximately 10+ years, I have been focusing primarily in the recruitment of Women's and Children's Nurses and Nursing Leaders. This gives me the insight of what active and passive candidates are searching for in a new opportunity. Each conversation I have with candidates strengthens my knowledge of the position and the ever changing demands of the industry. As well as provide an accurate description of what the market conditions look like at the time of their search.

On the other hand, learning from a former healthcare executive, I have quickly become educated to the demands of the employer. Getting the opportunity details up front from Human Resources that I know my candidates will need to consider their position. This cuts down time of going back and forth, allowing me to know exactly who would want to be considered. In turn, I'm submitting prequalified candidates that are active and interested, getting the client interviews faster.

Let me help you take charge of your career!

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