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Women's Nurse Recruiter, a division of The Clinical Recruiter, was founded in 2007 by a healthcare executive who clearly understands that a healthcare organization can only provide high quality, cost-effective patient care with the correct mix of leadership and personnel. Women's Nurse Recruiter's mission is to identify top talent for our employers and top opportunities for our candidates. We focus on meeting the needs of both the employer and candidate to facilitate a mutually beneficial, long lasting, employment arrangement. Our recruiter's focus is limited to the Women's and Children's spaces making them experts in the field they recruit in. Women's Nurse Recruiter's recruiters will be experts in what is needed in their individual areas. Thus having a laser focus on what the hiring manages are looking for in their next hire. Not simply going off a job description from human resources that is cookie cutter and covers the basics. We talk to our candidates about productivity, quality and relevant metrics that will make them successful in the role.

What Can We Offer You?

No Longer Waste Your Time Prequalifying Candidates

A Database of almost 4,000 Women's and Children's Director Level Candidates!

Licensure And Education Verified

Recruiters That Are Well Versed In Women's & Children's Leadership Duties - So We Understand What You're Seeking

We Have An Extensive Network Built Within Our Specialties

Uncover Top Talent!

We focus solely in the Women's and Children's NICHEs. Therefore, we understand what it takes to work in that unit or perform and duties required of a position. Our recruiters spend years on building relationships with candidates to determine what their needs are from both a career path and personal perspective. Each conversation we have with candidates strengthens the knowledge of the position and the ever changing demands of the industry. Our mission is to connect the right candidate to the right opportunity. We like to see long term employment situations. However, just as the hospital needs sick people to treat, but wishes no illness on anyone, we understand there are times of change from both the employer and employee's perspective.

Passive Candidates

We focus mostly on Passive candidates that are not currently looking but would entertain the right fit if it comes across. Our cultivated relationships with candidates helps us understand what they are looking for in their next position. There are many factors to consider when matching up candidates to opportunities. Rest assured, we will not waste your time sending candidates that are not a match for you position or not truly interested.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential.

Say Hello To Top Leadership Candidates!

The right mix of leadership will transfer your unit from bad to great. The right leader will cut back on turnover, reducing costs. The right leader will create a culture of quality care delivered in a cost effective manner.

Candidates that have the experience you are looking for

Candidates that have the metrics of success; Presented by recruiters who understand the metrics

Leaders that can make a positive change in your facility

Candidates that have the education and certifications needed

Stop wasting your time screening presented candidates to determine they are not a fit

Retained Search

We reserve the Retained Search for the most difficult searches. Our recruiters typically run multiple searches at any given time. Retained is for the customers that want immediate attention and results. Our recruiters will only work one retained search at a time. Payment is broken down into thirds. A third is due at initiation, at 30 days and finally upon candidate signing an offer letter.

Contingency Search

Our Contingency Search is based on results. The client does not pay unless the client hires our presented candidate. While this is the most popular search, the recruiters are working other searches as well and the results may take longer. However, because we focus in particular specialties, we are very aware of active and passive leaders. Allowing us to deliver talent quicker than other firms that work whatever crosses their desk.

Hybrid Search

A Hybrid Search is the best of both searches. In this search, the client puts down an initial, non refundable 33%. The remaining 66% is contingent on the presented candidate getting hired. This search has a focus to it which guarantees success.

Do I Need Help On My Search?

What Should I Expect From My Recruiter?

We are not your average recruitment company. We focus specifically in the Women's and Children's nursing specialties. This allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of who's on the move. We develop relationships with leaders who are actively looking and ready for a new challenge, as well as passive talent that is only open to hearing about specific opportunities. Either way, we are able to deliver you with a candidate that will fit the culture and demand of your open position!

Only Prequalified and Screened Candidates

Education and Licensure Verified

Skillset and Metrics Identified

Candidate Interest Confirmed

Salary and Benefits Package Candidate Approved

Find Your Balance.

We Offer Options That Best Fit Your Needs!

Permanent Placement

We help identify full time employees for all levels of positions. We excel at Women's and Children's Nursing leadership!

Interim Talent

We help identify interim employees for all levels of positions. These change agents will work a contracted short assignment to help give you time to find the right forever fit!

Travel Assignments

We help identify travel nurses to take temporary nursing positions in high-need areas, giving patients quality care. The COVID-19 pandemic created a nationwide staffing crisis and, as a result, a surge in demand for travel nurses.

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