About 3rd Party Recruiting

Having difficulty with identifying the right fit for your client? Or have you identified top talent, but have no where to present them? We've all been there and we want to help! Our firm delivers results and adds value to your company as your professional search partner. We are able to use our extensive experience, network and resources to identify and qualify the right candidate or opportunity for your unique situation.

Uncover Top Talent Today!

We focus solely in the Women's and Children's niches. Our recruiters spend years on building relationships with candidates to determine what their needs are from both a career path and personal perspective. Our mission is to connect the right candidate to the right opportunity. We like to see long term employment situations! So when you are having a difficult time identifying that perfect candidate, we got you!

Awesome Candidate?

No Problem!

Since Women's and Children's Nursing Specialties is our forte, we are focused on the market conditions within the specialty nationwide. These are the only positions we pursue and work! Our cultivated relationships with clients helps us understand what they are looking for along with the full specifications they require for prospective candidates. So you will have all the details your top talent will want in order to consider the position.

Women's Nurse Recruiter

Having A Partner Means You're Able To Share Responsibilities

Unload the weight of running your entire search by yourself!

Having a 3rd Party Recruiter allows you the convenience of working a split desk

Access to 4,000+ Director level candidates within the Women's and Children's Nursing Specialty, as well as networks, social platforms, associations and more

We will double position advertisement, allowing more candidates to view your open position, cutting the fill time significantly

Prequalification of all submitted candidates to position specifications, compensation package, geographic locations, etc.

Relationships with HR Clients means we have all the specific details of the position that your candidate needs to consider the opportunity

Seeking Candidates

Women's Nurse Recruiter is a niche-based recruitment company working solely within the Women's and Children's Nursing Specialties. This allows us to network and create relationships. We know who is on the move or passively looking. Partnering with us mean access to these candidates and shorter time frames identifying who's looking!

Seeking Opportunities

Have you ever sourced an excellent candidate and don't seem to have or find anything that fits their career goals? Since we only focus in the Women's and Children's Services market, we have several open positions nationwide that could be the perfect fit! We also have developed relationships with HR Representatives in hospitals across the country, and can access positions not usually available to outside help.

Why Us?

As mentioned before, partnering with Women's Nurse Recruiter allows you access to a large amount of candidates that fit your opportunities, as well as potential career opportunities for those candidates you don't have any thing for. Best part is, you don't have to do all the work yourself! This is a 50/50 spilt desk opportunity!

Find Your Balance.

We Offer Options That Best Fit Your Needs!

We've all been there. When we have exhausted all of our internal resources and still cannot seem to find that right fit or that perfect candidate, where do we turn?

We've already partnered with over 400 recruitment firms nationwide. Click the button to the left to download our 50/50 split agreement. Once executed, please send to CEubank@theclinicalrecruiter.com

While filling our own positions, or placing our own candidate is ideal, something is better than nothing!

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